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    ArryGrotterDate: Friday, 2013-05-17, 08:18 | Message # 21
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    Quote (FleurduJardin)
    They should have a PM system. I've suggested it, but it fell on deaf ears.

    I can see the faults with a PM system. As they are big on child safety, I don't think private messaging is a route they'd want to take. But I agree with a poster on CoS who said that a public forum would be more suitable rather than just a comment wall like they have now.
    sjcuk13Date: Friday, 2013-05-17, 08:57 | Message # 22
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    I am vinegold23254

    I haven't been on it since some of cos was released but that is because my computers are very old and very slow. The sight doesn't seam to like my iPhone or my kindle. But I like going through the chapters when I get a chance :).
    Morning_StarDate: Monday, 2013-05-27, 15:18 | Message # 23
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    I'm WillowMahogany74 on Pottermore. Feel free to add me, but let me know here or on CoS, as I don't accept random invites.

    I don't visit very often, just when new chapters arrive or when I'm bored but don't have time to go on CoS. I don't really do much there, except the occasional duel because I usually win those and that makes me feel better on bad days. biggrin
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