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    Forum » Harry Potter » The Books » Jo reflects on Ron/Hermione pairing
    Jo reflects on Ron/Hermione pairing
    sailorlumDate: Saturday, 2014-02-08, 07:14 | Message # 21
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    The full interview is out here: http://www.hypable.com/2014/02/07/jk-rowling-ron-hermione-interview/

    Now that the whole interview is out, here's what I think:

    'Ron/Hermione ending the series ultimately happy and healthy' was wish fulfillment because Hermione was attracted to Ron (and visa versa) and JKR wanted Hermione to be happy (and likewise for Ron, I presume), and that was a bigger concern to her than how likely it would be for Ron and Hermione to overcome their challenges (although it was certainly possible that they could, and they did in canon, perhaps with marriage counseling or just Ron and Hermione taking the opportunity for character growth, yet it wasn't a foregone conclusion that they would work out if it were real life and JKR wasn't the author of the books insuring it would work out.)

    And there's marriage counseling in the wizarding world! And it may be what Ron and Hermione used to beat the odds, so JKR was not saying that needing counseling dooms a couple, and was saying that counseling can help a couple survive, yay! I'm glad my benefit of the doubt [in JKR not saying that counseling dooms a couple] was well placed, here.

    So, I stand by my earlier assessment that the worst that can be said about Ron/Hermione is that they beat the odds and ultimately wound up happy and healthy in canon.

    And as for Harry/Hermione, I stand by my earlier assessment that it had it's own unique potential but also it's own challenges, and it just didn't sail in canon, although it could have if some different choices had been made.
    sjcuk13Date: Sunday, 2014-02-09, 18:58 | Message # 22
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    On reading the full interview, I still wish JKR hadn't said anything about it. I think at one point or another we have all thought that H/Hr could have happened but it didn't and I am thankful for that. Despite some fundamental differences R/Hr works so much better but that is just my opinion, couples who argue/bicker/have tiffs air their differences at the time and so tend to last longer as nothing is built up to turn into resentment.
    Forum » Harry Potter » The Books » Jo reflects on Ron/Hermione pairing
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