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    Forum » Hogsmeade Forums » Administration » List of Smilies
    List of Smilies
    ArryGrotterDate: Sunday, 2013-06-23, 22:38 | Message # 1
    Third Year
    Group: Head of House
    Messages: 192
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    This list of smilies can also be viewed by clicking the smilie button in the chat box at the side of the forum.

    :( :(
    :) :)
    :D :D
    :o :o
    :p :p
    ;) ;)
    :lol: lol
    :nod: nod
    %) %)
    >( >(
    :S: S
    ^_^ ^_^
    :albus: albus
    :argh: argh
    :bedtime: bedtime
    :birthday: birthday
    :blah: blah
    :blink: blink
    :blush: blush
    :book: book
    :breakdance: breakdance
    :broom: broom
    :cake: cake
    :candle: candle
    :clap: clap
    :confused: confused
    :cool: cool
    :cow: cow
    :cry: cry
    :devil: devil
    :drool: drool
    :eeep: eeep
    :elaugh: elaugh
    :err: err
    :evil: evil
    :explode: explode
    :eyebrows: eyebrows
    :eyes: eyes
    :facepalm: facepalm
    :fear: fear
    :grandma: grandma
    :grumble: grumble
    :gryf: gryf
    :halo: halo
    :hands: hands
    :handshake: handshake
    :headdesk: headdesk
    :headwall: headwall
    :heart: heart
    :help: help
    :hi5: hi5
    :hiding: hiding
    :hmmm: hmmm
    :huff: huff
    :huggles: huggles
    :huh: huh
    :icecream: icecream
    :impatient: impatient
    :king: king
    :laugh: laugh
    :love: love
    :megaphone: megaphone
    :music: music
    :mwave: mwave
    :nailbiting: nailbiting
    :nc: nc
    :no: no
    :ok: ok
    :online2long: online2long
    :party: party
    :prof: prof
    :rave: rave
    :ravesign: ravesign
    :relax: relax
    :rofl: rofl
    :rolleyes: rolleyes
    :rotfl: rotfl
    :santa: santa
    :scared: scared
    :shades: shades
    :shiver: shiver
    :shock: shock
    :shrug: shrug
    :shy: shy
    :sigh: sigh
    :sleep: sleep
    :slyth: slyth
    :smash: smash
    :snap: snap
    :suspect: suspect
    :td: td
    :teehee: teehee
    :thumb: thumb
    :tu: tu
    :unsure: unsure
    :upset: upset
    :wave: wave
    :waves: waves
    :weep: weep
    :welcome: welcome
    :whistle: whistle
    :wink: wink
    :worship: worship
    :wow: wow
    :x: x
    :xmas: xmas
    :yamn: or :yawn: yawn
    :yes: yes
    :yuhup: yuhup
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