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  • Hogsmeade Forums
    Find site information and post suggestions here
    10 218 Saturday, 2014-04-19, 03:57
    Thread: Technical Issues
    Posted by: FleurduJardin

    Harry Potter
    The Books
    Discuss all canon here! (Including info from Jo's interviews and Pottermore)
    3 44 Tuesday, 2014-02-11, 00:57
    Thread: Favorite Overall Book in the...
    Posted by: sjcuk13
    The Books - Character Analyses
    This forum is specifically for character analyses. One thread per character or major relationship please.
    7 33 Monday, 2015-09-14, 09:59
    Thread: Severus Snape
    Posted by: assasin504
    The Films
    Discuss these visual masterpieces (or atrocities) here.
    2 5 Sunday, 2014-01-19, 02:59
    Thread: Fantastic Beasts and Where t...
    Posted by: ArryGrotter
    The Films - Casting
    Discuss the casting of each role in the films here
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    The Video Games
    Discuss any game adaptations of the series here.
    10 32 Friday, 2013-05-31, 02:15
    Thread: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
    Posted by: Fawkesfan1
    The Phenomenon
    Discuss here all official subsidiaries to the Harry Potter brand, including Pottermore, official website, theme parks, exhibitions and events.
    1 22 Monday, 2013-05-27, 15:18
    Thread: Pottermore
    Posted by: Morning_Star
    The Fandom
    Discuss all fan productions and events here
    2 54 Saturday, 2014-04-19, 04:01
    Thread: The future of CoS forums
    Posted by: FleurduJardin

    User Creations
    Fan Fiction
    Post any HP stories you want to share here
    2 2 Monday, 2013-04-22, 18:24
    Thread: Hogwarts Champion
    Posted by: HandofGlory
    Fan Art
    Showcase your HP artwork here.
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    The Writer's Block
    Post any stories you want to share here.
    1 2 Thursday, 2014-01-23, 20:09
    Thread: Kit and the Spider
    Posted by: sjcuk13
    The Feedback Forum
    If the author prefers it, post all feedback to creations in this thread.
    2 4 Tuesday, 2013-04-23, 23:12
    Thread: Feedback - Hogwarts Champion
    Posted by: ArryGrotter

    Discuss all the big screen adventures here
    4 44 Sunday, 2014-02-23, 19:19
    Thread: Rate/Review The Last Movie Y...
    Posted by: sjcuk13
    Discuss the latest on the small screens here.
    19 113 Thursday, 2015-02-26, 23:27
    Thread: Sherlock
    Posted by: sjcuk13
    Discuss your latest read here
    2 48 Saturday, 2014-04-19, 03:39
    Thread: Your Current Read
    Posted by: FleurduJardin
    Video Games
    Discuss what games you enjoy here
    2 9 Monday, 2015-09-14, 10:02
    Thread: Favorite games you liked to ...
    Posted by: assasin504
    Discuss what you're listening too here
    1 9 Wednesday, 2013-04-10, 00:31
    Thread: What's your favorite kin...
    Posted by: Maelody
    Discuss all the important games here
    1 7 Thursday, 2013-05-02, 22:08
    Thread: Baseball thread...
    Posted by: Fury
    Arts, Crafts and Writing
    Discuss your creative side here (Sections may be split at a later date)
    3 4 Thursday, 2016-04-21, 09:24
    Thread: General Writing Discussion T...
    Posted by: joanvines11
    Computers and the Internet
    Discuss all those geeky things here
    2 6 Wednesday, 2013-04-24, 23:36
    Thread: Art creating programs...
    Posted by: Fawkesfan1
    Current Affairs
    Discuss what's going on in the world here
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    Social Centre
    The Great Hall
    Talk to all of your fellow classmates here
    6 75 Sunday, 2014-05-11, 09:57
    Thread: What's your CoS username?
    Posted by: elloran
    Play any thread based games here
    6 188 Tuesday, 2014-02-04, 00:45
    Thread: Above me, below me, and I
    Posted by: sjcuk13

    The Common Rooms
    The Sorting Hat
    Sorting is open! Find out the details and put on the Hat in order to enter a house common room.
    3 7 Monday, 2013-06-17, 05:38
    Thread: Britreads4fun
    Posted by: ArryGrotter

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