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    Forum » User Creations » The Writer's Block » Kit and the Spider (This is a story I wrote you young children)
    Kit and the Spider
    sjcuk13Date: Thursday, 2014-01-23, 00:47 | Message # 1
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    I wrote this a while ago this is the first time I have published it anywhere to see what people think. Please remember I had children aged 3 to 5 in mind when I wrote this.

    Kit was small and tabby the firstto be born in this litter. Being the first to be born made him daring and
    adventures walking around his house one day he came across a giant cabinet
    there was no way she could climb that high yet but the bottom shelf was just
    right to explore full of dark holes where you could hide or even go to sleep.Walking in between the books shemanaged to get behind the books and even push a few out of the shelf and on to
    the floor, getting right into the corner at the back kit found a spiders web
    swaying gently being a cat kit couldn’t resist she crouched down eyes fixed on
    the target of the spiders web.Kit pounced pulling the web downand flattening it between her paws, a great shout went up “Oh no what do you think you aredoing? That is ... was my home and you have just smashed to bits” from the
    shelf above a spider can down to Kit’s eye level looking really cross.“I am sorry I didn’t know anybodylived here, I will help you build another one if you want me to” said Kit
    looking really sorry that she had destroyed someone’s home.“That’s ok” replied the spider “Iwas about to move home anyway I don’t like it here anymore I am going to move
    higher up the shelves. This one doesn’t seem very save anymore. So young one if
    I was you I find my way back out as quickly as I could.”Kit was so happy to have not beentold off that she skipped off without saying thank you.As kit made her way back nothingseemed the same anymore she didn’t recognise any of the books on the shelf now
    they all looked very big and heavy, kit got to the end of the shelf and bumped
    her head “Ow that hurt.”Rubbing her sore head kit didn’tseem to have noticed that the shelf above her was wobbling, it wasn’t until a
    book fell off the shelf that she seen that there was a problem “oh no I will be
    trapped” he though.Kit started to run back the otherway but he hadn’t gotten very far when the shelf behind him fell, there was a
    very big bang kit crouched down as low as he could go to the ground. Kit was
    very frightened but he wasn’t hurt the other end of the shelf was still high up
    so kit was just in a gap between the floor and the fallen shelf above, crawling
    very slowly so that he didn’t make the shelf fall any further, Kit crawled
    along it was very very slow going and any time the shelf from above could fall
    down.“Are you trying to break someoneelse’s home now” asked a voice.Kit turned his head as far as hecould but he still couldn’t see anything.“Where are you” asked kit justnot quite managing to keep the tremble out of his voice.“I am here” said the Spiderhanging over the end of the shelf on a thread of silk.“I am not trying to breakanything” sobbed kit the tears coming now as he was unable to hole them back “I
    just want to go home, back to my mother and my brother, please will you help
    me?”“The opening is just a little wayfurther up passed that big red book.” said the spider taking pity on the young
    kitten. “Now dry your tears and we will go back together.”“Ok.” sniffed Kit.Both Kit and Spider made theirway back to the opening that kit had first come through Kit was still crawling
    but as he was going along the shelf was rising she could go faster and faster
    and all the time Spider was walking along side him on the underside of the
    shelf giving him encouraging words when he started to slow down, all the time
    keeping him mind off the shelf that was wobbling more and more and would surly
    fall at any moment now.The big red book came closer andcloser finally kit was the other side of it he could see why he had missed the
    opening now the book on the other side had fallen down leaving only a small
    hole but enough of a hole that kit could wiggle through. Kit stopped.“Well thank you for helping me. Iwill always remember you.” said Kit as a big smile lit up his face.“Thank me when you are the otherside of the book this shelf will not hold much longer.” Kit didn’t think twice about ithe may only have been young but he could hear the fear in Spiders voice. As he
    wiggled through the books he could hear a rumbling, as kit wriggled faster the
    rumbling got louder and louder just as kit though that he would be squished a
    giant hand appeared from nowhere and lifted him away from the shelf.“Oh Kit! What have you done now?”said a loud voice from somewhere above kits head.Kits Human had come to rescue himjust in time. All Kit could do was shake and meow pathetically, as Kit’s Human
    took him away from the danger of the shelves he looked back to see a large
    spider on the top shelf waving at him.
    ArryGrotterDate: Thursday, 2014-01-23, 04:41 | Message # 2
    Third Year
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    A very nice and cute story :)

    Was a bit difficult to read, though - more work is needed on the punctuation.
    sjcuk13Date: Thursday, 2014-01-23, 20:09 | Message # 3
    Second Year
    Group: Slytherins
    Messages: 52
    Status: Offline
    Sorry spelling/grammar/punctuation are not my best things.
    Forum » User Creations » The Writer's Block » Kit and the Spider (This is a story I wrote you young children)
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