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    Forum » Social Centre » The Great Hall » Condolences (A place to condole for passing friends and family)
    ArryGrotterDate: Monday, 2013-04-15, 22:39 | Message # 1
    Third Year
    Group: Head of House
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    It has come to my attention that the mother of Den_Muggle, a popular friend on CoS, passed away last night.

    The news has inspired the creation of this thread for us to condole passing friends and family of our users.

    I am thinking of Denise at this terrible time and hope that she knows that she has friends in all sorts of places that support her.
    MaelodyDate: Tuesday, 2013-04-16, 04:36 | Message # 2
    Second Year
    Group: Slytherins
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    How terribly sad. sad I remember seeing the username, but I don't think we ever talked. It is terribly sad though. I'll think of Den_Muggle and family before bed tonight. smile

    I've always wondered how sites found out their users passed away. It's sad to think about.
    FleurduJardinDate: Tuesday, 2013-04-16, 06:51 | Message # 3
    Second Year
    Group: Ravenclaws
    Messages: 88
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    Denise (Den_muggle) has been a wonderful friend to me, both at CoS (where she stood by me when, in one of the private groups, someone went after me and it almost turned ugly) and in real life. Though we never met, we've kept in touch through email, and she was very supportive all through my late husband's illness and passing away.

    I did tell her of CoS' closing down, and of this site and my own AV site (this was before her mother fell ill and passed away). She said she didn't have the time to chat on-line any more and wasn't joining any new site, but she'd keep it in mind should the situation change.

    Any of you who wishes to express your condolences directly to her,  her mom's obit should be in the Shelbyville paper today or Wed. www.shelbynews.com.  There usually is a possibility of posting your personal condolences. I know that, when my husband passed, messages from friends, including friends I'd never met like the people on CoS, Arry himself among them, was a great comfort to me.

    Added (2013-04-16, 06:43)
    ETA - I forgot. Should you check the obit in the paper, Denise's mother's name is Jeanne Losey.

    Added (2013-04-16, 06:46)
    ETA2 - Thanks for posting the news here, Arry.

    Added (2013-04-16, 06:51)

    Quote (Maelody)
    I've always wondered how sites found out their users passed away. It's sad to think about
    I guess if they have RL friends on the same site, they'd tell the rest of the membership. But if not, we'd probably never know. Now you've had me wondering if something may have happened to people who dropped out of sight from the forums I'm part of!!! - I'm not really worried about them though. Most probably they got bored, or got on to other interests.

    denmuggleDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 21:20 | Message # 4
    Just Received their Letter
    Group: Muggles
    Messages: 1
    Status: Offline
    Thank you for this. I decided to go ahead and join, though I don't know how much I'll be able to visit. After Fleur told me about this posting, I did want to come on and thank those who are thinking of me and praying for my family during this time.

    And thank you, Fleur, for posting the link to her obituary here.
    FlyingTigerDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-17, 22:34 | Message # 5
    First Year
    Group: Gryffindors
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    Hi Denise! Glad to see that you joined Arry's group here.I posted my condolences on Fleur's site, AvenueViet, but let me repeat them here. My heart is with you and your family in this tragic time.

    I can't help remembering the good times we had on CoS with the electoral campaign (though we were rooting for different candidates) and especially The Winning Team, when we solved that murder mystery in Hogsmeade. Thanks to you, and to our winning (which was due to you too, you were the one who figured out whodunit IIRC) I got a user title out of it - Winning Teamster! You were the Team Leader or DCI - Detective Chief Inspector, or something like that. It was a riot.

    Likewise, let the good, loving memories of  your mom sustain you now that she's gone. Gone from this earth, but not from your hearts, and I'm sure she's by the side of the Lord. Let that be a comfort to you and yours.

    Any advanced enough technology is undistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke
    Forum » Social Centre » The Great Hall » Condolences (A place to condole for passing friends and family)
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