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    Forum » Hobbies » Movies » Skyfall (Discussing the latest James Bond)
    FlyingTigerDate: Saturday, 2013-04-20, 06:06 | Message # 1
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    How did you people like Skyfall? I did, a lot more than Quantum of Solace.

    I wasn't keen on Daniel Craig as Bond at first (not suave or polished enough, rough around the edges) but he grew on me.

    I like that the new Moneypenny is also an active agent, I like Ralph Fiennes as the new M, and I like that the new Q is a nerd. They've really updated the franchise.

    Any advanced enough technology is undistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke
    ArryGrotterDate: Saturday, 2013-04-20, 06:23 | Message # 2
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    Yes, I did enjoy Skyfall. More than Quantum of Solace but not as much as Casino Royale (which is easily the best Bond film ever)

    I am very much a fan of these newer Bond films. The earlier ones are really not of my time, and I do not enjoy them that much. The only pre-Craig Bond film I really enjoyed was Tomorrow Never Dies.

    It will be very interesting to see what they do with the next Bond film, considering they've now established all of the recurring characters such as Q and Moneypenny. They might do 'back to basics', but I hope not, because then it may not be as enjoyable.
    FleurduJardinDate: Saturday, 2013-04-20, 21:01 | Message # 3
    Second Year
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    I enjoyed Skyfall too.

    I like the new "staff", especially Ralph Fiennes as M. He'll make an excellent M, I think.

    And I, too, am kind of getting used to Daniel Craig. But for me the "real" Bond will always be the original one, Sean Connery. smile

    Forum » Hobbies » Movies » Skyfall (Discussing the latest James Bond)
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