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    Forum » The Common Rooms » The Sorting Hat » xhanax315
    xhanax315Date: Sunday, 2013-06-16, 23:10 | Message # 1
    First Year
    Group: Students
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    1. Which character from the Potter-verse do you relate yourself to most?
    hmmm Quite honestly, and this is the first time I've ever said this anywhere that you'd have seen, I'd say Severus Snape in more ways than one if you really knew me.

    2. If you are able to choose one spell or magical artefact that you'd be able to use for the rest of your life (but not any others!), what would that be?
    Probably a broomstick, I'd really like to be able to fly. If I were to use a spell, Apparition would be great because then visiting other places would be limitless, unless of course I needed to fly there. :p

    3. Which Hogwarts class or activity would you never miss?
    Defense Against the Dark Arts

    4. What animal would you bring to Hogwarts?
    An owl

    5. Which Hogwarts feast is your favourite? (Start-of-year/Hallowe'en/Christmas/End-of-year/Triwizard)
    It's between Halloween and Christmas.

    6. What part of your life are you most proud of?
    So far my determination to continue with schooling and finally getting things done. I've been in and out of college, and have had many setbacks (mostly financial), but I haven't given up yet.

    7. What is your house on Pottermore (if you are registered there)?

    8. What was your house on Chamber of Secrets forums (if you were registered there)?

    9. Which one house do you think you least belong in?
    Uh Hufflepuff....:whistle:

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    ArryGrotterDate: Monday, 2013-06-17, 00:08 | Message # 2
    Third Year
    Group: Head of House
    Messages: 192
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    Hmm, this is a tough one, but I'd go with Gryffindor! gryf

    And what's so bad with Hufflepuff eh? :p
    Fawkesfan1Date: Monday, 2013-06-17, 04:14 | Message # 3
    Third Year
    Group: Gryffindors
    Messages: 122
    Status: Offline
    Slytherin :p

    freelantzerDate: Monday, 2013-06-17, 05:25 | Message # 4
    First Year
    Group: Hufflepuffs
    Messages: 47
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    I think your answer to number 6 screams Hufflepuff, but if you really can't see the strengths of that house, I won't place you there. Better be Gryffindor.
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