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    Forum » Harry Potter » The Video Games » Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone Video Game (The Video Game Thread)
    Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone Video Game
    MaelodyDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-10, 21:24 | Message # 1
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    What did you think of it? Did you even get it? What console did you play it on? Did you like how it adapted everything?

    I got this game probably in 2007, and it was very hard to get a hold of. I got it for Play Station and my word were the graphics awful! (I'm sure when it came out they were awesome, but I grew up with better lol). It was still a lot of fun though. I felt like it actually did a pretty good job sticking with the movie, and going through the castle was fun.
    ArryGrotterDate: Thursday, 2013-04-11, 03:30 | Message # 2
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    I've played this game on PC, and have watched a walkthrough of the PS2 version.

    The PC version is very basic, but I don't like that there wasn't free roam like the PS2 version or any of the CoS games (I don't know what the PS1 version was like). Also, you couldn't load back, so if you missed a card, it was lost forever...
    xhanax315Date: Sunday, 2013-04-14, 05:07 | Message # 3
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    I hate how there are different versions and that they're not universal. I didn't know you could roam around in the PS2 version. For some reason this is my favorite of the original Potter games, I think it's because I got it when it first came out for PC and because it was the first one. Yeah the graphics weren't that great but it was surprisingly close to the book and it was just so dark considering it was Sorcerer's Stone. I loved Harry in this one.
    Forum » Harry Potter » The Video Games » Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone Video Game (The Video Game Thread)
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