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    Forum » Harry Potter » The Video Games » The Half-Blood Prince Video Game (The Video Game Thread)
    The Half-Blood Prince Video Game
    MaelodyDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-10, 21:33 | Message # 1
    Second Year
    Group: Slytherins
    Messages: 57
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    What did you think of it? Did you even get it? What console did you play it on? Did you like how it adapted everything?

    To be honest, I don't remember much of this one besides it being practically an exact repeat of the fifth one. I had this for my Wii as well and you had all the same experiences as you did with the last one, only in this one you got to play mini-games as well like exploding snap and that marbles-type game. Great graphics and Hogwarts exploration, but it was the same as the fifth one really.
    ArryGrotterDate: Thursday, 2013-04-11, 03:23 | Message # 2
    Third Year
    Group: Head of House
    Messages: 192
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    I have this on PS2

    It is very much a rehash of OotP (which is my favourite), but a limited rehash. I never did manage to find all the shields.

    I thought the end parts were weak. I mean, all the Cave was was hitting stupefy a few times at the Inferi!

    I think this was limited by the focus on only Duelling, Quidditch and Potions, although Potions was fun! (The best potions game yet)
    xhanax315Date: Sunday, 2013-04-14, 16:59 | Message # 3
    First Year
    Group: Students
    Messages: 26
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    I don't recall this one very much except for the Potions part, and I think I had problems with it. I have to replay some of these games, it's been so long since I've pulled them from the shelf.
    Forum » Harry Potter » The Video Games » The Half-Blood Prince Video Game (The Video Game Thread)
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